Videos (YouTube)

The first two aren’t live videos: I was just experimenting.

And now on to the more-or-less live videos.

Another Bangor Day

Anywhere (Harley) words and audio version here

Before I fall (Harley)

Breathe My Lute (Housman – Harley) – Words and audio version here

Can’t Sleep (Harley) – Words and audio versions: Can’t Sleep [demo]

The Chuck BerryBerry (Harley) – Words & audio version Chuck Berry-beri demo [take 3] (Yes, I do keep changing the spelling of the title!)

Coasting (Harley) – words and alternative audio versions Coasting [demo]

Corinna (Traditional)

The Fancy Passes (Housman-Harley) – my setting of a Housman poem from ‘A  Shropshire Lad’ and sung unaccompanied for Trad2Mad.

Handsome Molly (Traditional)

How To Say Goodbye (Harley) – backstory and better audio version How to say goodbye [demo]

Let me lie easy (Harley)–  backstory and better audio version Let me lie easy

Letting Go (Harley) Words and an audio version here:

The Miles Between (the City and the Heart) [Harley]- Lyric and better audio version here.

Moonflow III (Harley) – studio recording with photographs

New Ends & Sad Beginnings (Harley) – backstory and better audio version New Ends and Sad Beginnings 

One Step Away (From The Blues) [Harley] – lyric and version recorded in the 1980s are on SoundCloud here.

One Step Away (Harley) / Letting Go (Harley) – two songs I often do together.

Painting the Desert (Harley) – slide instrumental with photographs of the Painted Desert.

Rain (Harley) – still not reached a version I’m totally happy with, but here are some audio versions. Rain (Harley) [demo]: A very, very early song. 1970. And a very minimal sketch for a more ambitious version. Or this one. Or this: Electric Rain [demo]  Or this…

A Rainy Day Blues (Harley) – audio version and backstory Rainy Day Blues [demo]

Scratch One Lover (Harley) – lyrics/backstory/audio versions Scratch One Lover 

Seesaw (Harley) [no satisfactory audio version yet, not that I’m satisfied with the video]

Silk and Steel (Harley) – Lyric and a prehistoric studio audio recording here

Song of Chivalry (Harley) – live audio version from Coast FM interview here.

Stranger in Uniform (Harley) – lyric and audio version here.

Tears of Morning (Housman-Harley) – backstory and audio version etc: Tears of Morning [demo]

Ten percent blues (Harley) Original 1980s studio (audio) recording: 10% Blues

Thomas Anderson – a Jacobite Tragedy (Harley, based on an article by Ron Nurse): uses a podcast focusing on the historical background as a soundtrack, culminating in a studio recording of the song.

What do I do? (Harley)

The Wild Swans at Coole (Yeats-Harley) audio version and words: The Wild Swans at Coole [demo]

This Guitar Just Plays the Blues (Harley) better audio version and link to an older arrangement: This guitar just plays the blues 2019 [demo]

Two Is a Silence (Harley) – and an audio version with added bouzoukis: Two Is A Silence [demo]

Wearing out my shoes (Harley) – much younger/more fluent audio version: Wearing out my shoes 

Wrekin [The Marches Line] (Harley) – copious info and a better audio recording: Wrekin (The Welsh Marches Line) – demo

Young Hunting (words traditional arr. Harley: tune by David Harley)