This guitar just plays the blues 2019 [demo]

There’s a more straightforward country-ish version of this here, but I suddenly felt the urge to change the arrangement. Words and music copyright David Harley, 1976.

And a cleaner arrangement without a lead break:

A trace of your scent still lingers on my pillow
And raises echoes in my memory
And I believe you’re missing me almost as much as I miss you
But I wish to God that you were here with me

The sun will surely rise on another soft blue morning
And lying in your arms is where I’ll be
With sweet dreams still in my eyes, I’ll wake and kiss your hair
But it’s a long cold night while you’re not here with me

This guitar once played for keeps, but since you changed my life
This guitar just plays for you, if that’s OK?
This guitar rang bells for losers, but there’ll be no more songs of losing
Though this guitar just plays the blues while you’re away

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

2 thoughts on “This guitar just plays the blues 2019 [demo]”

  1. I like this version more than the previous 2016 country version,it cuts across more in the sonic field. It surprises me that fact, as I am a sucker for slide guitar. We need to talk soon about me recording you for some of your songs…..


    1. Thanks, Ian. I like it better too. It does occur to me that this arrangement might work better with slide rather than electric lead. And yes, we could certainly talk about that! Thanks for the thought. 🙂


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