Mr Bojingles?

Could this be a whole new career in recording radio jingles? Probably not. But having been challenged on air by Ian Semple to write one for his Saturday lunchtime show on Coast FM, this is what I came up with. I think I must have been listening to the Watersons that morning. 🙂

Astonishingly, for someone who is one of the slowest songwriters in the world, I put it together in an hour or so. (Not counting the time spent asking myself why on earth I thought I could do this!)

I wasn’t at home to hear its debut in a show that also included jingles by several other people associated with the open mic scene around St. Ives, unfortunately, but here’s an MP3 version of the original.

David Harley

West Kernow Sounds interview

Back in January Craig interviewed me for WKS, and included three of my songs (so hopefully it’s not a complete waste of half an hour). This is actually the last WKS podcast for a while, as he’s moving over to Coast FM.

In a post on the WKS Facebook page, he wrote: “Hi I’m compiling a list of local bands and artists that play original songs and would like to get involved in the Coast FM Radio show, 3 or 4 songs and chat about your music. Live on Saturdays 12:00 till 13:00. Please message me on here. Cheers.”

David Harley

Coast FM – Live Lounge recordings

Ian Semple, tireless promoter of local music here in Cornwall, has now started to put up recordings of his past shows featuring interviews and music, mainly from local musicians I think, on Mixcloud. Unfortunately for the discriminating ear, one of the people featured is me, but the others I’ve listened to are well worth your time and attention.

While I’m not about to pursue a career as a DJ, I think I might start putting up the occasional podcast-y thing there myself. We shall see…

David Harley