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[This page is lifted wholesale from another blog, and most of the links are to older MP3s on yet another blog, so requires some further work. Where there are mentions of MP3s kept on this site, they’re usually better quality: the other links are retained as backups but will eventually be replaced with better recordings. I hope.]

If you want to find out more about me and my music, such as it is, go here. And while I’m not always impressed with the accuracy and usefulness of Wikipedia, this was fairly accurate last time I looked, though it hardly mentions my musical output: Wikipedia entry

All rights are reserved: I’m not expecting to make money off the content on this site (though I live in hope…), but I’d be very unhappy if someone else was profiting from it without my knowledge or agreement. 

Listed below are the songs of mine (mostly) where either a studio recording or a demo recording is available. In general the only songs here that I didn’t write (or co-write or extensively adapt) are by Don MacLeod, with whom I worked and recorded in the 80s. (Though a few other things might sneak in from time to time.)

I’ll be making additions as I go along. I’m not working on studio quality recordings at the moment, only demo versions, mostly courtesy of Garage Band. These are generally rough (often one take) versions, but in some cases I’ve tried out a harmony or two or added other instruments for colour. These are sketches for one or more (possible) future albums, rather than finished articles.

Of the studio recordings here, three were recorded at Hallmark, a very slick 16-track setup in the West End, for an album that was never released. (A pity: it would have been pretty good, in my unbiased opinion, as it showcased a number of very different musicians – Bob Theil, Bob Cairns, Don MacLeod, Pat Orchard, and some guy called Harley – writing very different songs.) The rest were mostly recorded at Centresound, a smaller 8-track studio in Camden. (Peter Buckley-Hill‘s Tubular Brains album, with which I also had some connection, was also recorded there.) My Centresound tracks subsequently appeared on a series of cassettes that are no longer available. And a good thing too, some would say.

Some of the better-recorded tracks are also on Soundcloud.

Some stuff follows that may not be covered in the articles above but can also be found on this site:

Parody and Pastiche

Miscellaneous Articles

And my debut on YouTube: it’s a cover version of Mustang Sally at a jam session in Sydney with various ne’er-do-wells from the security industry, including Peter Kruse on vocal, Righard Zwienenberg on drums, Andrew Lee on bass, and Richard Marko on keyboards. And me on guitar: frankly, I think I’ve played a lot better, but at least we were having fun… I’m not sure how much more Harley presence there’ll be on YouTube, but I’m thinking about it

David Harley