Covid-19 security-ish issues

[Update: as noone was reading it regularly, I pretty much gave up updating the AVIEN Covid-related pages, though I might still put something up there if it’s really called for. In the meantime, AVIEN has returned to its usual state of induced coma.]

I don’t want this blog to diversify into security, but there was so much poor information around, I figured the least I can do is put up some pointers to information I think is fairly reliable, so I’m going to try maintaining a page where I post links as I see articles worth flagging. I’m putting it on the AVIEN blog, since I used to maintain similar specialist security-related pages there when it was part of my job.

Update: page now broken into sub-pages.

David Harley

St Helena radio interview (part II)

While it’s not really Wheal Alice fodder, here’s the follow-up to the St. Helena radio interview I mentioned here previously

While it’s not really Wheal Alice fodder, here’s the follow-up to the St. Helena radio interview I mentioned here previously: the article for ESET linked below gives a little backstory and a lightly edited version of the interview.

Child safety: An unexpected radio interview

I promise this blog is not going to become a sort of backdoor security PR resource. 🙂

David Harley

An unexpected radio interview

Talking about security in the South Atlantic.

While a sizeable proportion of my income still comes from writing about security, I do very little media stuff nowadays. I probably won’t do another conference presentation, and I can’t remember the last time I did a live interview, let alone radio. Except tomorrow, 14th November 2016, when I talk to an audience whose location is so remote, it makes my little corner of West Penwith look metropolitan.

I’m doing an interview with Craig Williams, who has a small company called Gigabyte IT, on Saint FM. That’s a community radio station on St. Helena, way down in the South Atlantic, which has only recently started to benefit from the mixed blessing of the mobile phone. I’ll probably use my bit as a basis for a blog article or podcast (or both) in the near future: that’s not an obvious fit for this blog – in fact, it’ll probably go up on ESET’s blog site – but I’ll flag it here anyway in case any of my readers (how are you both?) are interested.

David Harley