Alison Pittaway & David Harley

Alison Pittaway and I were once part of the team that ran the Jackson’s Lane folk club in Highgate, but only started writing together long after we’d both left London (for entirely different parts of the country).  On these, the words are Alison’s and the tunes are mine (or, in the case of ‘Raggle Taggle Man’, my variation on a traditional tune). There may be more in due course, but I have a heck of a backlog of lyrics/verse/prose, and I’m a slow writer…

The first recording in each case is a recently remastered version, the ‘older mix’ is currently hosted on another blog and will probably be replaced there with the same file eventually. Right now it’s just there as a backup.

Nowhere to Nowhere (Pittaway-Harley)

I suppose you’d expect old folkies to be sceptical about ‘progress’…

[Alternative version]

Back In The Day (Pittaway-Harley)

A rare outing for my electro-classic, aiming for a vaguely Brazilian feel.

[Older mix]

Raggle-Taggle Man (Pittaway-Traditional-Harley)

The tune here is a variation on a tune known in the US under a number of names, including a version by Jean Ritchie of ‘Lady Isabella & The Elf Knight’ called ‘False Sir John’. The ‘flute’ is actually a Yamaha keyboard impersonating a ney (an end-blown flute common in the Middle East).

[Older mix]

David Harley