New Ends and Sad Beginnings [demo]

I’m actually reasonably happy with this version, but as it was recorded to try out a different recording/mixing configuration, it’s tagged as a demo for now.

One of my earliest songs, written in the late 60s (though it’s been through a few changes since then: haven’t we all?)

David Harley

Feeling encouraged…

Ian Semple kindly played a couple of my tracks on Coast FM today:

Let Me Lie Easy:

and one that I don’t do live at the moment:

Same Old Same Old:

With that, and some more kind words from another source, I’m feeling more than usually appreciated. Musically, at any rate. 🙂

David Harley

Coast FM

I was enormously pleased and encouraged to have some tracks played today (April 1st 2017) on Ian Semple’s show on Coast FM (96.5 and 97.2 FM or via the web). An excellent performer in his own right, Ian includes a lot of local music in his show between 12pm and 2pm on Saturdays and I listen in whenever I can. Thanks, Ian, for the exposure and for the kind words!

The tracks were from a gaggle (or is that gabble?) of CDs I’ve been working on in the past few months when I haven’t been able to get out much. All vocals and instruments are me: I can’t blame anybody else… Words and music (apart from the Housman poem) copyright David Harley. All rights reserved.

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April Foolishness from the Library of Congress

An interesting article by Stephen Winnick from the Library of Congress, on April Fools: The Roots of an International Tradition.

It’s a bit late on April Fools Day to make a big deal out of this, but I came across an interesting article today from the Library of Congress on April Fools: The Roots of an International Tradition. Written by Stephen Winnick.

One of the interesting aspects is the link with the hazing of apprentices etc., an issue I touched on in this song:

Long Stand

David Harley