Paul Cowley in the South-West

Paul Cowley, an excellent blues-influenced player, tells me that he has some gigs in the South West in the near future, including gigs in Brixham (Feb 14th), Dartmouth (March 2nd) and Liskeard (The Albion, 4 Dean St, Liskeard PL14 4AX, on March 3rd). More information on all his upcoming shows here.

I reviewed his 3rd CD here: it’s really rather good.

David Harley

Acorn Theatre, Penzance

The Acorn theatre, a very important venue in Penzance is appealing for financial help.

The Acorn theatre, a very important venue in Penzance is appealing for financial help (and not an enormous amount, in the scheme of things) to refurbish its lighting. In view of everything the theatre does for folk music and much else in Cornwall, it’s well worth considering making a contribution.

As David Hunter rightly says: “The Acorn is a vibrant, creative centre for live arts for West Cornwall, with a reputation for diverse and innovative programming. We are a charity run almost exclusively by volunteers.”

You can find out more (and make a contribution, I hope!) at the crowdfunding page here.

The Acorn has a Facebook page here and a web site here with copious information about the venue and the events it has scheduled.

David Harley

UK Folk Music site resurgent

Alan Morley wrote to the Folk Clubs UK Facebook page as follows. I thought there might be readers of this blog who might find it of interest, especially if they run events or clubs.

Back in 2011, I started the UK Folk Music website [not connected to the Facebook page, by the way] which ran until the start of 2016 .

I have just launched a cut down version of the original website and will include a searchable index of UK Folk Clubs.

If there are any clubs in this excellent FB Group who would like to be included in the index either drop me a message on FB or email me

I have loads to add to the website but here’s a link to how it looks at the moment. We are already being picked up by search engines – the original site was top of Google..

I don’t have any connection with the new web site or with the Facebook page (apart from reading them occasionally), so please contact them directly for further information.

David Harley