I could gaze at this view until the cows come home. Ah, here they are….

cows come home

Wheal Alice

The cattle are walking along the side of Trink Hill in the direction towards Brunnion: we believe the rock projecting from the top of the hill to be the 12 O’Clock Stone, which is supposed to be a logan or rocking stone. However, it can only be rocked at midnight. Apparently. I haven’t yet had the energy to wander out at midnight to try it out.

wheal alice

Wheal Alice – Another View

From the lane between Trink and Brunnion.

St Michaels Mt

St Michael’s Mount from Trencrom Hill

It looks as if it’s just over a couple of fields, but that’s just the way the land lies. It’s certainly walkable, though: the 12.5 mile St. Michael’s Way starts from Lelant and goes via Knill’s Steeple (on Worvas Hill) and round Trencrom Hill to Marazion via Ludgvan, either over Marazion marshes or via Gulval. I hear good things of the food at the Coldstreamer in Gulval, but the marshes offer an important bird sanctuary managed by the RSPB. The St. Michael’s Way is part of the network of pilgrim routes leading to Santiago de Compostela.

Trencrom is approximately halfway, so it’s about six miles to Marazion, not counting the walk back down the hill to the car park.