I don’t take chances [demo]

This is rather different to most of my songs, but then it does go back to the early 70s. I’ve probably never sung it in public, but I came across the words today and thought it was worth posting.

I might bluegrassize it at some point.

Since we first met I’ve loved and lost at least a dozen times
Till one day I discovered I love you
I don’t know if you could love me, I haven’t dared to ask
But all the same, in case one day you do

I don’t walk under ladders, I throw salt across my shoulder
And as for lucky charms, I have a few
I look both ways crossing one-way streets with all my fingers crossed
I don’t take chances since I fell for you

I counted on your friendship in a world of time and changes
Till I realized I was no longer free
It seems that I was meant to love you, and I mean to stay intact
In case one day you find you’ve need of me

So I keep one eye on my horoscope and one ear to the phone
In hopes that you might call me some sweet day
I keep both eyes peeled for black cats and I touch wood when I can
Hoarding every bit of luck that comes my way

David Harley

Down to the river (revisited)

This demo was recorded back in the 80s, and the voice was in better shape.


More recent version, which is actually not bad (and less ambient noise):

or (backup):

Down to the River: copyright David Harley, 1981

Another example of the sort of song I never write. I’m not really sure where this one came from.

I won’t go down to the river / anyway not yet
There’s too much to do and the water’s cold / and I don’t want my feet wet
I don’t want my feet wet

I won’t go down to the river / I guess I really should
But the sand’s so warm between my toes / and you know it feels so good
I know it does me good

Come on down to the river / it can’t do you harm
You’ve got to learn sometime to sink or swim / and the sun will keep you warm
The sun will keep you warm

I won’t go down to the river / you know I can’t go down
The water’s so still, the sides so steep / I’m scared that I might drown
So scared that I might drown

Come on down to the river / the road’s so hard and rough
If you keep your head and your hands are clean / surely you can’t drown in love?
You can’t drown in love

I can’t go down to the river / I surely can’t go down
My soul is parched but my body aches / and I just know I’ll drown
I know I’ll surely drown

Come on down to the river / it tastes so sweet and cold
Come on down before it gets too late / and wash the mud out of your soul
The mud out of your soul

We’ve got to get on down to the river / we have to learn to trust
Got to wash away all the doubt and fear / before the whole damn’ world dries up
Before the world dries up

Changes [demo]

Backup copy:


Words & Music © David Harley 1974

Something’s changed
Could be me, could be you
You used to say you loved me
Now I wonder was that true?
That moving out and moving on look
Hangs heavy in your eyes…

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
Wonder what became of me and you?
Changes in the wind

There was a time
When nothing kept us apart
But something’s going down
In both our hearts
I lie awake half the night when you’re not there
Wondering who you’re with and where

One more Scotch
One more cigarette
Drinking alone
Remembering too much to forget
Missing you even when you’re in the room
Knowing you won’t be, soon

David Harley

Spanish impro


All rights reserved.

It’s several years since I picked up my classic, but this weekend I finally got around to restringing it. When the strings had settled, I did some noodling that evolved into a pseudo-classical thing that I finally put down as an MP3. It has one or two rough spots, but I think I might edit it a little and use it as soundtrack for a video at some point.

David Harley