Low In The Water CD



Low In The Water CD
David Harley
Wheal Alice Music WAM02-17

This is a selection of blues-y tracks, recorded as demos over the years. None of them were recorded in commercial studios, so the recording quality is variable. Most of them are better recording-wise than the average folksong-collector cylinder, though. 🙂

Voice and guitar were recorded in one go, in some cases live, but in a couple of instances I’ve overdubbed lead guitar (Lady Luck, Same Old Same Old) and keyboard (Same Old Same Old). In several cases I was playing solo electric guitar* rather than acoustic, because I did a lot of gigs that way in those days.

All songs were written by me. I may return to some of them at some point and do a nearer-commercial-quality version, but not right now.

Same Old Same Old includes two simulations: a second guitar (a Variax impersonating a Rickenbacker 12-string) and a Yamaha keyboard impersonating a soprano sax. I may go back to that quite soon: I like that slightly jazzy feel. And the heavy electric solo on Lady Luck was actually a Gibson J160e electric/acoustic. 🙂

Relevant links to words and such will follow in due course.

  1. Same Old Same Old 2.57
  2. Empty Sunday 2.14
  3. Butterfly (Over The Hill) 5.26
  4. Wearing Out My Shoes 2.31
  5. Blues For Davy 2.09
  6. Bootup Blues 2.28
  7. Lady Luck 3.18
  8. Seventh Son 2.34
  9. Letting Go (Sylvie) 2.58
  10. Southside* 3.02
  11. Low In The Water (acoustic) 4.02
  12. Scratch One Lover* 4.07
  13. Drunk Last Night 5.08
  14. Low In The Water* 4.54

David Harley: vocals; acoustic/electric/slide guitars; keyboards.

All Words and Music © David Harley

Low in the Water acoustic

Blues for Davy

Low in the Water electric

Butterfly (Over The Hill)

Bootup Blues

Drunk last night

Empty Sunday

Lady Luck

Sylvie/Letting Go

Same Old Same Old

Scratch One Lover

Seventh Son


Wearing Out My Shoes



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