The Chuck Beri-Beri [demo]

An improved demo of my most recently completed song. A bit of an outlier, lyrically. Sometimes a lyric insists on being something quite different to what I originally had in mind…

The words are actually not quite crystallized yet, but I think these are probably very close:

I don’t feel very much like dancing / No song worth singing but the blues
I used to feel like some kind of sex bomb / Till you absconded with the fuse
I think I need a holiday / So I’m out here on a midnight cruise
I’ve got the Chuck Berry-beri / Got to get a shot of rhythm and blues

I guess there’s no time left for loving / Looking into your backyard
Dissatisfaction guaranteed / But back to you was just a step too far
The waves were blowing higher / We were shaking at the end of the cruise
It’s a fascinating rhythm / But I need a shot of rhythm and blues

I thought I saw your nightlight flicker / But I don’t think anyone’s at home
I’ll call you with the news from nowhere / When I’m stranded by the side of the road
I still need a holiday / But I can’t afford another midnight cruise
Still I can’t break the habit / Need another shot of rhythm and blues

David Harley

Rain (new demo)

Actually two demos for the price of one. I haven’t decided which way I’m going to go on this one yet… I wrote it in the late 60s and have usually sung it unaccompanied, but now dithering.

Sketch for an unaccompanied version:

And a sketch for an accompanied version (definitely needs work to get the vocal balanced properly with the guitar – I’ll maybe get back to it later this evening):

David Harley

CD review – Julie July Band

The Julie July Band steps beyond Sandy Denny tribute material and releases an album of original material. And it turns out to be rather good. Much as I like their interpretations of Sandy’s songs, I hope they’ll continue to develop in this direction too.  Here’s my review for

JULIE JULY BAND – Lady Of The First Light (Aurora Folk Records JJB19CD1)

David Harley