Cut-Rate Rolling Stone [demo]

I wrote this in the early 70s (or possibly even late 60s), then mostly forgot about it till today. So only demo quality at this point, but I intend to come back to it.


Cut-Rate Rolling Stone

Words & Music © David Harley


I never could hold down a job more than a month or so
Mostly I’d get itchy feet, and down the road I’d go

But I never meant to live the kind of life I’ve known
I guess I was designed to be a cut-rate rolling stone

There never was a woman born who could ever tie me down
Some just quit trying, some just wore me down

Somehow I always found myself back on the road again
With a backpack full of dreams and just a roadmap for a friend

I’ve tried to put down roots in some places that I’ve been
Sometimes I thought that I’d found love but it was all a dream

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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