Covid-19 security-ish issues

[Update: as noone was reading it regularly, I pretty much gave up updating the AVIEN Covid-related pages, though I might still put something up there if it’s really called for. In the meantime, AVIEN has returned to its usual state of induced coma.]

I don’t want this blog to diversify into security, but there was so much poor information around, I figured the least I can do is put up some pointers to information I think is fairly reliable, so I’m going to try maintaining a page where I post links as I see articles worth flagging. I’m putting it on the AVIEN blog, since I used to maintain similar specialist security-related pages there when it was part of my job.

Update: page now broken into sub-pages.

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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