5th (Corinna)


(Two is a silence)


(This guitar just plays the blues)

2nd Direct Video

(How to say goodbye)

Here’s my first video direct to WordPress: ‘Rain’ And you’re right, I wasn’t feeling all that comfortable, but perhaps I’ll get more used to it.

The first video I’ve (officially) uploaded to YouTube so far is this version of my song ‘Can’t Sleep‘, which was just by way of trying out the uploading mechanism. Any further attempts will, hopefully, look a lot more professional.

Actually, there is also a video version of a podcast, but that project is still pending.

And here’s one of my most bizarre collaborations ever: as body double – well, picking hand double – for Gareth Owen’s alter ego Virg Clenthills, in a video for his song ‘Marie‘.

There’s also a video from Andreas Marx of me playing lead on a version of ‘Mustang Sally ‘ with Peter Kruse and some other security people letting their hair down in Sydney. Not my best guitar work ever, TBH, but the sound isn’t great anyway. Actually, Peter is rather a good blues singer and harmonica player, and there are plenty of decent musicians – and some magicians! – working in the IT security industry, for some reason.

David Harley