Engine Inn Open Mic

A great open mic near Wheal Alice, and some music links added.

I took a couple of instruments along to the open mic at the Engine Inn, Cripplesease: last Friday of the month, open mic. 01736-740204. There was a wide range of excellent music, and I enjoyed it very much. (I’m also looking forward to trying the acoustic session every Tuesday in the near future.) Continue reading “Engine Inn Open Mic”

The Last Musketeer [demo]

No Cornish connection as such: it’s just that I’ve started working on this song again since we moved here.

Words & Music by David Harley, copyright 1975

This is one I probably haven’t sung in public since the 1970s, but I’m not sure why. I wrote it after a friend’s wedding in the Isle of Man in the early 70s, though it’s not about that specific event. But I remembered it again while I was arranging accommodation for a completely different and Very Important wedding. 🙂

[6th May 2020: new version recorded for no particular reason: I just wanted to try out a different software package. Still a demo.]

Older version with light overdubbing.

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The Road to Frenchman’s Creek [demo]

A Cornish (sort of) song…

Demo version of a song that started to take shape while we were house-hunting in Kernow. Not that Show of Hands have anything to fear from me in terms of West-Country-oriented songs. But we were actually taking time out around Helford, and couldn’t resist walking over to Frenchman’s Creek. To be honest, though, it’s no more about that than it is about Ithaca.

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