The Game of London (album)

It seems perverse to have released an album on Bandcamp and not even mention it here, though I did put up a demo of the title track a while back. So here’s a belated link to the album and a terse rundown of the tracks. I really ought to get around to promoting this…

1. The Miles Between (the City and the Heart)
2. The Game of London
3. Coasting 2023
4. Same Old Same Old
5. Walls
6. 17-Year Itch
7. Heatwave In The City
8. Cooling Out 02:52
9. Paper City 05:25
10. The Weekends (are the Worst)
11. Diving Butterfly (Air and Slip Jig)
12. Death of a Marriage
13. Silk and Steel
14. Coasting 1983

‘Heatwave in the City’ (the song formerly known as ‘Heatwave’ and ‘London 1983’) was recorded at Hallmark Studios W1, and features James Bolam on piano.

Tracks 9 and 11-14 were recorded at Centre Sound, Camden. ‘Diving Butterfly’ features Peter Wilkes on fiddle and Gail Williams on bodhrán.

All vocals and all other instruments are me.

I’ll put up a page with links to my other recordings Real Soon Now.

David Harley




Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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