Baby what a groove

I went to university a very indifferent guitarist and came back able to play Anji/Angie (more or less) and Light My Fire a la Feliciano, and with one or two fairly average songs, so I guess my time there wasn’t entirely wasted. Though you might disagree if you actually listen to this.

Once upon a time back in the very early 70s I and a friend scored a lift back to Bangor with a lorry driver who clearly believed that student life was all “boozing and [something that rhymes with nagging]”, to which our first reaction was “so who’s getting my share?”.

But I was a late developer… Just as well, I guess. If my life had really been like this, I probably wouldn’t have made it to my present ripe old age.

Anyway, this was, I guess, one of the first of my own songs to make its way into my repertoire, even if it was a bad case of wishful thinking. 

Baby what a groove: Words and Music copyright David Harley, 1970




The landlady called today
and asked me what I had to say
she said “All these parties night and day
and where’s the rent you’re due to pay?”
I said “I’m sorry I can’t talk now
I’ve got to get some gin
But don’t you worry about me
‘Cause baby what a groove I’m in”

My banker wrote me just to say
I’m way out in the red
But since they stopped my council grant [Remember those? -DH]
There’s nothing to be said
I hope Dad lays a little bread on me
To keep my funds in equity
Now I’ve got 25 hippies living off me
But baby what a groove we’re in

My tutor told me only yesterday
“Your work’s not up to scratch:
We don’t expect you to work all the time
But you’ve not done a patch
It’s all these parties I can see
No wonder you’ve no study time free
And I’ll have you kicked out if you don’t invite me
‘Cause baby what a groove you’re in”

The doctor told me just the other day
“Son, you’re getting in much too deep
You see your trouble is, basically,
Too much bed and too little sleep
Too many fags and too much booze”
I said “I know it’s not the life you’d choose
But I’d rather be dead than have the 9-to-5 blues
‘Cause baby what a groove I’m in

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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