Silk & Steel

The Silk & Steel page includes most of the tracks from my Sheer Bravado cassette album from the early 80s, but not including the tracks that are featured on the page Don MacLeod & David Harley.  Mostly, these tracks were recorded in 1983 at Centre Sound, Camden, and the quality is somewhat compromised by the degradation that affected the master tape and some occasionally inexpert mixing and engineering. I guess you get what you pay for, but I must admit that I wasn’t well acquainted with the technical side of recording, so it’s certainly not all down to the studio… These tracks were also featured on the CD Silk And Steel, which isn’t currently available.

These are remastered, so timings may now be slightly different.

1. Long Stand 3.03
2. Ten Percent Blues 3.42
3. Hands of the Craftsman 5.46
4. Death of a Marriage 4.16
5. Diane (Going Out) 6.04
6. Silk and Steel 3.30
7. Paper City 5.28
8. Coasting 5.34
9. Circle 8.16
10. Blues for Davy 2.10

David Harley: vocals; acoustic/electric/slide guitars.
All Words and Music © David Harley


Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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