Please (demo)

A song I wrote in the 70s but of which I finally recorded a demo in 2015. And then forgot about it until today. Listening to it now, it’s not far from how I’d like the finished version to be: I’ll have to dig out the rough tracks and maybe re-record the vocals. [Update: cleaned up existing version. Probably that’s all I’ll do with it for the present.  Other songs to write!]

Words and music by David Harley: all rights reserved


Let me go on dreaming
Don’t make me wake
To find her gone
But it’s all right
Waking in the darkness
To find her still
Here in my arms

And the nightmares come and go
But in the afterglow
The pain spills out across the sheets
If this is all a dream
Let me go on dreaming

Let us go on dreaming
Sleep away the bitterness
That poisoned our lives
Help us
Go on believing
Tuning out the threats
And the lies

Hold back the daybreak
Let there be no more
Lonely dawns
Or else
Let tomorrow last for ever
Of the night before

Words & Music by David Harley
© 1977

Epitaph for an army of mercenaries (alternative demo)

Very much going back to basics. I wondered how it would sound unaccompanied. I might go back to this approach but add some harmonies.

There’s an accompanied version here. Plus Housman’s words and the background to the poem.

David Harley