This End of the 1960s [demo revisited]

One of my songs from the 1970s.

This End of the 1960s: Words and Music copyright 1975 David Harley

Still only demo quality, but remixed, then remastered to raise the volume level.

Shine like a sun on this cloudy day
Reached out my arms but you’re far away
Dawn took the sunshine away

Strange how familiar a new song can be
At the trigger end of a memory
Dawn took the sunshine away

I can remember a sunny day
Could be just yesterday
Dawn took the sunshine away

Come On In My Kitchen [demo]

Maybe my favourite blues piece of all time. Robert Johnson actually recorded two versions of this that I know of in his San Antonio session on November 23rd, 1936. And, of course, thousands of guitarists since have gone ahead and added their own verses.

For this version, I’ve taken verses from both takes and slightly rearranged them. I don’t play it with a slide when I play it in public- who wants to compete with Johnson’s version? – but on this occasion I’ve overdubbed a little slide, and damn the torpedoes.

David Harley


Time on my hands [demo]

Words and music copyright David Harley, 1971

Time on my hands
Time to think of a friend who changed one weekend
Changed to a part of me

Time to look back
Cosily stoned by the fire / getting much higher
Watching you watching me

Time and again
To think of caring for you / knowing I do
Hoping you might for me

Time on my hands
No hangups and nothing to say but “We had our day”
And the music goes on and on

David Harley

Review for The Lowest Pair

Another review for, this time of two fascinating albums by The Lowest Pair.

Another review for, this time of two fascinating albums by The Lowest Pair. I even managed to resist including any banjo jokes. Though my wife will tell you that my banjo-playing is a joke.

These guys, however, not only play rather well, but write some great songs: country-ish with a tinge of old-time and bluegrass with some really clever lyrics.

THE LOWEST PAIR – Uncertain As It Is Uneven (Team Love Records TL-93 ) – Fern Girl & Ice Man (Team Love Records TL-94)

David Harley