Bootup Blues [demo]

Newly-recorded demo of Bootup Blues (also sometimes known as Big Blues, for strictly nerd-ish reasons).

Words (and music, such as it is) by David Harley. Copyright 1996.

This one has been acoustic, electric, and even unaccompanied (that’s usually at poetry gigs where I didn’t think to take an instrument, though), but I thought a slide version might be nice. I have a resonator guitar and I’m not afraid to use it. 😉

While this still has demo status, I wouldn’t be too unhappy if the final version finished up sounding very much like this.

When I woke up this morning
My laptop wouldn’t boot at all
I said I woke up this morning
And tossed my Tosh against the wall
My baby took the mains adapter and the battery’s screwed beyond recall

Well she left me for some guy
With a 99GHz overclocked PC
And now she’s interfacing
With his RS232C
(he’s a serial womanizer)
She said my hard disk was too small
To satisfy
Her new spreadsheet

I wouldn’t treat an iPad
The way that woman treated me
She fragmented my hard disk
And ran off with my Angry Birds DVD
Left me nothing but this boot sector virus
And a copy of Wordstar version 3.3

You can get some idea of how old this thing is from the fact that the iPad was originally an Amstrad, and the Angry Birds DVD was originally a 7th Guest CD. It’s hard keeping up with technology. Hopefully, I’m still ahead of the curve on PC CPU specs, Moore’s Law (or House’s variant) and overclocking notwithstanding.

The reference to RS232C is slightly disingenuous: RS-232-C is the 1969 version of the standard, not hardware. I wouldn’t have mentioned any of this if it weren’t for a ludicrous conversation in a pub with someone who apparently thought I was setting PC for Dummies to music rather than writing a mildly amusing blues parody.

And to the guy who recommended that I use Sophos to deal with my boot sector virus, thanks for the suggestion, but I do actually work – or, strictly speaking, consult – for an(other) antivirus company*, and I think I’ve got it covered.

David Harley

*Actually, as of 2019, I don’t. Quite right too, at my age. I’ve now left the security business in favour of the insecurity business, a.k.a. music.

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

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