Links update and impressions of the Engine Inn

First steps into the Cornish music scene.

I’ve just spent some time working on the Wheal Alice Useful music links page to make it a little more – well, useful…

In the meantime, my first couple of weeks in Cornwall have not been very active, musically speaking. Well, that was to be expected, given the stresses and strains of relocation. However, I’ve spent a few pleasant hours at the Engine Inn, in Cripplesease, lately.

  • Two good Sunday lunches (so far) with decent blues from Dr Dobro and guests to follow.
  • A short but entertaining spell at last month’s open mic. (We were too tired to stay for the whole evening. We’ll be back though.)
  • And on Tuesday I packed a guitar and went to the weekly acoustic session. Unfortunately, it turns out that the event is going through a bit of a hiatus due to the illness of the organizer, and I was the only musician there. But I found myself in conversation with a couple of very nice people with a profound interest in the same kind of music and musicians that I’ve been enjoyed most of my life, so hopefully my guitar noodlings weren’t entirely unpleasant. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be back.

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Independent antimalware/security researcher/author/editor; musician/singer/songwriter

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