Introducing Wheal Alice

The how and why…

wheal alice
Not the Wheal Alice in Redruth, but the one in the parish of Lelant that operated between 1873 and 1877. (Probably more commonly known as Trencrom Mine and subsequently part of Wheal Sisters, though the records seem to be somewhat confused: at any rate they confuse me… It may also have been known as Wheal Fox or Fox’s, according to a book I saw a while ago (I’ve forgotten the name and author, unfortunately). Presumably because it wound from Fox shaft, according to another source.)

And the purpose of the blog? Well, that has already changed, but its initial purpose was to represent the Celtic Sea extension to Sabrinaflu, a site dedicated to folk music (among other things) along the course of the river Severn. And now, even beyond Hartland Point… However, as I don’t get out so much anymore, this is probably not going to become a significant general resource for music in the West Country, at the moment anyway. (Maybe when I can’t wrap my somewhat rheumatic hands around a fretboard any more.)

For the moment, I’m mostly putting up more personal stuff here now, including my more recent songs, though most of my MP3s are currently here. Maybe that will change.

More about me, my work in security, and my musical interests and activities, are over here. If you’re that short of something to read…

David Harley

Author: David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor

2 thoughts on “Introducing Wheal Alice”

    1. Hi, Freddy. Wheal Alice more of a personal music page (though I’m not doing much music publicly right now) than a general resource like Sabrinaflu, but I’m certainly happy to add resources like yours to There’s a Wheal Alice Facebook page which actually flags events in Cornwall that I’m unlikely to get to myself: A fair amount of the stuff posted at is folk-ish, too. Thanks!


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